Daycare with Obedience

Let us do the hard stuff and implement good manners and obedience basics with your pup. Specific issues can be addressed upon request. Doggy daycare with Obedience will teach your pup the basics while you are at work or tending to things at home. This will socialize and help teach your pup the skills necessary to build a great relationship with you and the outside world.

Puppies under five months of age are extra special. We have the wonderful opportunity to deeply shape who they will be as adult dogs. Too often a puppy’s world is full of “NO!” since they seem to always be getting into some kind of trouble. We can help you turn this special time into a fun world of discovery and learning. We remove the conflict between you and your puppy, giving you a deeper bond, better behavior, and a confident, stable dog for life. Not only are we focusing on challenges like house-breaking, play-biting and chewing, sit, stay, and here, but we are giving your pup the idea that following your lead is the key to all the best stuff the world has to offer! Owners must provide proof of vaccination prior to their first day.

Puppies in our training programs must be at least 8 weeks of age, must have been in your home for more than 10 days, must have seen your veterinarian, and must be current with your veterinarian’s recommended vaccination schedule.

It is highly recommended to sign your pup up for 2-3 days a week consecutively so that what is taught can be implemented with consistency.

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Includes food aggression, leash pulling, socialization, obedience training, agility, puppy training, private one-on-one sessions, day camp/doggy daycare and board and train.