Your pet will be cared for in a loving and professional manner and have a fun and safe place to stay. On 5 acres of fun located conveniently near 95, in a temperature controlled 12 X 28 indoor and outdoor kennel your pup will be taken out minimum 5 times outings/playtime a day. Each pup will have their own 12 X 4 indoor/outdoor space. We also offer extra services including in home care and attention, extra outings, personal in home loving, personal ball time, pool time, bathing, nature walks, and pond time.

For those pups that need a little extra attention or that might have separation anxiety we offer custom in home love and care. Please inquire about the price as each pup is customized to their needs.

So while you're on vacation or business trip, let your pet go on their own vacation by taking them to a trusted dog care boarding and doggie daycare facility.